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Assistance for Flood Victims

in the Lori Region

Since May 26th, our foundation has conducted humanitarian aid collections and a charity market to gather support for individuals affected by the flooding. Over 2,000 tons of supplies were delivered to the city of Alaverdi, benefiting over 800 families in need and those affected.

project: free food truck

ARMENIAN FOOD BANK is proud to introduce our mobile kitchen project, aimed at ensuring that no one among the most vulnerable individuals in our society goes hungry. Our initiative operates within Armenia, providing food assistance to families, refugees  and individuals in need, including those experiencing homelessness. Drawing from our experience in the region, we believe that by doing so, we can alleviate hunger for many who should not be experiencing it. Please support our project:


           Please Support this project

account name : Armenian Food Bank

bank name in Armenia : Ardshinbank

2475505277710000 AMD

2475505277710030 USD

2475505277710010 EUR

2475505277710020 RUR


Project "September 1st"

Every year, we organize the "September 1st" project, gathering school supplies, backpacks, and sweets for children. We collect these items from sponsors and personally visit schools in remote areas, delivering this assistance in a festive atmosphere.


"New Year and Christmas  Gifts"

As part of our "New Year and Christmas Gifts" project, we collect toys and presents for children in need. Generous donations from our sponsors allow us to gather toys based on children's wish letters. We then travel to villages, creating a festive atmosphere with Santa Claus, entertainers, performances, and treats, bringing the spirit of kindness to children for Christmas and New Year's.


Project "Charity Market"

Every year, we organize a Charity Markets in Yerevan, where local and international brands, restaurants, and musicians are invited to participate. The event is vibrant and colorful, attracting a large number of visitors. Simultaneously, the Market serves as a platform to raise awareness about our foundation's charitable activities, encouraging attendees to donate food and clothing to families in need across Armenia.


Project "Emergency Aid"

Our foundation has repeatedly taken on the responsibility of providing extreme humanitarian support to those in need both in Armenia and beyond. At the end of 2023, our foundation managed to organize a mega collection of humanitarian aid thanks to the residents of our country, sponsors, organizations, the diaspora abroad, and countless kind-hearted individuals worldwide. We collected, purchased, and delivered a total of 70 tons of aid, directly benefiting tens of thousands of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh.


Project "day of charity"

Every week, almost without fail, throughout the year, we conduct a charity day. At the coworking space 'LETTERS AND NUMBERS' in Yerevan, we organize food and clothing drives for underprivileged families. Local residents of Yerevan come forward to offer their support, and afterward, we personally distribute the donations to families in need.


The work of our foundation has been benefiting those in need for years and has become well-known worldwide. Many organizations highly appreciate our activities and have awarded our foundation with certificates of gratitude.


Our reports :

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