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Since 2020, the Armenian Food Bank Charitable Foundation in Armenia has been providing necessary and humanitarian assistance to low-income families with children and needy families of veterans.
Our foundation provides assistance in the form of food aid and necessary clothing for all members of families in need and more.
Today we have expanded our capabilities and paid attention to the serious problems of children with education in low-income families. Our center will open its doors to children whose parents are unable to pay for support lessons after school.
Thanks to our volunteers, we will engage in extra-curricular education with children and help them with lessons after school. We will also open foreign language classes and elementary and professional  education in working with computers.

Our center will take care of children from poor families so that they do not leave the educational system and also grow up literate for the prosperity of Armenia.

We ask you to support our foundation and make donations to support our mission.

For more information please DM or Email to us .

Armenian Food Bank
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